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Jacksonville Roof & Contracting News

The prospect of hiring a roofing contractor can be very intimidating. The intimidation can be easily overcome if you educate yourself to the pitfalls of hiring a roofing contractor. Here in North Florida, Jacksonville specifically, the roof has many enemies. Sun, rain and wide differences in temperature can deduct many years of useful life from your roof. The sun with it’s UV rays can liter all cook your roof, especially without proper ventilation. It is important that you hire a skilled, experienced roofing contractor in Jacksonville such as DS Killian Roof and General Contractors.

Beginning October 1, the costs to replace a roof in Florida are expected to rise by at least 25% – and even more if you live in a coastal community. The increase in cost is due to a new law the state Legislature passed in May that increases the building code requirements to help strengthen homes against hurricanes.

D.S. Killian General Contractors
3948 S. 3rd St. Suite 122, Jacksonville, FL 32250
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